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Rev. Jim Jeffrey #1

Jim Jeffrey Camellia Friends

2020 Spring  Meeting – Saturday, April 18  –  10 am

2019 Fall Meeting – Saturday, November 23 – 10 am

2019 Spring Meeting – Saturday, April 13 –  10 am

2018 Fall Meeting – Saturday, November 10 – 10 am

2018 Spring Meeting – Saturday, April 28 – 10:00 am

at the HAH Library.

We are anxious to hear how well or not your camellias have fared in this unusual winter with sub freezing temperatures followed by above average temperatures. Come and share your experiences and if you have some camellias blooming in your garden, bring along a blossom or two. 

Bridget DeCandido

2017 Meeting Dates:

Saturday, April 22nd, 10 am, at the HAH Library, Bridgehampton Community House

Saturday, November 11, 10 am, at the HAH Library, Bridgehampton Community House

Saturday, July 30, 2016 – 10 am in the HAH LoGerfo Library

As discussed at our Spring 2016 meeting, we will have an exchange of camellia cuttings (scions) and propagation with a demonstration by Suzuki who sent the following suggestions,

1.   I (Suzuki) will demonstrate the way of propagation from cuttings, but let’s not make the gathering as a learning workshop, but rather a cutting-exchanging occasion.

2.   Please, therefore, bring in as many cuttings as possible to share with the friends. 

3.   The cuttings (formal name is Scions) should be taken from the end of branches. The old branches are not suited, meaning that the cuttings should be of newly formed branch tips of this year. The branches are no longer in green and in young looking brown color by July. 

4.   The cuttings should be of 4 to 6 inches long. They should not be dried out so that please put them in a water filled bottle as soon as the clipping is made. You might remove the bottom part of leaves, by keeping the upper few leaves alone, before you put them in a bottle. 

5.   In case you bring in a multiple varieties of cuttings, please do not mix them up and use a multiple number of bottles, and put a small sticker, with variety name, onto each bottles.

6.   As the propagation beds, please bring in some soil-filled plastic pots. 4 to 6 inches pots are ideal, and each pot can take 4 or 5 cuttings. The soil should be germ-free, so that it should not be from your back yard. So called Potting Soil is just fine, but you might mix some sand or perlite for water drainage and water retention. Please give enough water to your pots one night before, and let the excess water drain out.

7.   Bridget and I will bring in the rooting hormone and a few other things, so that you should just being in a small knife or cutter and a small scissor. Suzuki  

If you plan on attending would you please email me ( to let me know. Also, if you have any questions, please email me.  Looking forward to seeing you,

Bridget DeCandido