Waiver and Release

Please read this ‘Waiver and Release’ before signing the Membership form.

I, the under signed member of the Horticultural Alliance of the Hamptons, hereinafter referred to as the “Alliance”, do desire and intend to participate in one or more trips and/or events as the Alliance may, from time to time, arrange for members and guests.

I hereby authorize the Alliance, and such officers, directors, employees and agents thereof as may be appropriate, as my agents (a) to enter into and execute such arrangements, applications and contracts for the charter of aircraft, trains, buses, automobiles, boats and other means of transportation as may, in their opinion be required in connections with trips and/or events, and (b) to make such arrangements or decisions as may be required or deemed appropriate by the Alliance or any of them in connection with such charters and such trips and/or events.

In consideration of my arrangement to participate in such trips and/or events and the undertaking of such arrangements on my behalf, I hereby release and discharge the Alliance and each of its directors, officers, employees and agents from all liability for any damage or injury, suits, causes, claims of any kind which might arise as a result of or in the course of or in connection with any such trips and/or events, such charters or such arrangements. I understand, of course, that this agreement will in no way affect any liability which may arise on the part of any third party.

This release and discharge shall remain in effect until revoked in writing by me and is binding on my legal representatives, executors, administrators, heirs, successors and assigns.

By submitting an application for membership with the Alliance, you agree to these terms of release and discharge.

Please check here ____ to indicate that you have read and agree with the waiver and release, and mail with your membership form.