March at HAH

This is bonanza month at HAH virtually and here

in our March Newsletter

where you will find details about

our myriad virtual offerings this month,

as well as read several articles written by

our knowledgeable members.

We may all still be home but we are definitely busy!

For those of you interested in Gardening by the Moon,

the calendar of useful days for certain activities is now

posted for 2021. Look under the Plant info tab.

Happy, healthy Spring to all!

February at HAH

There is a lot happening at HAH this winter!

Although most of it is still virtual there is much to learn on our many programs.

Find out about all our current offerings by clicking on the February Newsletter.

And don’t miss the Doug Tallamy talk on January 31 at 2 pm!

See the January Newsletter for details on

Restoring Nature’s Relationships at Home.

Now is the time to pay attention to your own home and

learn what you can do to help your neighbors in Nature.

This program is free to members of HAH. Please join us!

January at HAH

Happy New Year to all!

Here is what is happening this month at HAH

Open this link to our newsletter to find out all about our events this month.

We are staying active throughout the winter with all programs virtual.

Come join us!

December at HAH

Please open the newsletter to see all of the

December HAH activities. Our lectures and

workshops for the remainder of 2020 will be

delivered to you using ZOOM technology.

You may access these on most devices.

The listing for these is on the front page of the

December newsletter.

The HAH Library remains closed for the time being.

As soon as we can open it safely, members will be informed by email

and here on the website.

You may join us easily at this link: