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Informative lists and articles by members and others on a variety of topics related to plants, habitat and gardening.

Boxwood care for homeowners_ENGLISH

Peonies / Lydia Wallis

Oak Wilt Fact Sheet – DEC – important facts re: oak wilt disease

2021 Moon    2021 calendar – Gardening by the Moon / Elaine Peterson

MONARCHS IN THE GARDEN – plants for the Monarch butterfly / Erika Shank

INVASIVE SPECIES ALERT  – plants on the ‘Do Not Sell’ list for Suffolk County, NY

GARDENING FOR BIRDS – Plants and the birds that like them / Nancy Gilbert

ghbrochure – BEWARE: GIANT HOGWEED /

Plants for Seaside Gardening   /  Elaine Peterson

REPORTS FROM THE HAH ROUNDTABLE MEETINGS and lists compiled by Pamela Harwood and others

CREATING A WINTER GARDEN     Creating a Winter Garden 12-19-15

THE FRAGRANT GARDEN  Fragrant Garden by Month– compilation of fragrant plants by month

PLANTS FOR THE FALL GARDEN – Fall-garden – 11/2016

CHAMELEON EVERGREENS  chameleon-evergreens- 

SILVER FOLIAGE PLANTS  roundtable-article-for-newsletter-1-7-17

VOLES IN THE GARDEN     HAH ROUNDTABLE Newsletter Article Voles 10-7-17

CONIFERS   HAH Roundtable Conifers 12-2-17 Newsletter Article

Gardening with Native Plants 3-2-19 Newsletter Article

SEEDS – 1.4.20 – Roundtable Handout – Starting seeds