MAY at HAHome

The May newsletter is here  HAH May 2020 NL

All of our usual activities are, of course, postponed for later,

including our annual May Plant Fair.

But the newsletter continues to keep you informed with current ideas for gardening

here on the East End of Long Island.

Since the world seems to be finding comfort and real sustenance from gardening with vegetables while on lockdown due to the Corona virus, we thought our members would be interested in hearing from other members on the subject of growing their own food favorites. So we asked and in this issue you will find some ideas to inspire you, places to find starts, and some websites to turn to for more information.

While the vegetable growing season really starts in the previous fall with planting garlic and shallot bulbs and continues in winter with early seeding of leeks, greens and celeriac inside under lights among others, seeding inside and outdoors can go on into late summer. Whether you have only deck space for a few pots or a whole acre from which to carve out a new bed for growing vegetables, there is plenty of reward in doing so. Waking in the morning to check in with them is sheer delight and as good as coffee or tea in starting the day. And it reminds us what a privilege it is to be able to grow anything.

Choice of variety is one important reason to grow your own because what grows in the small home garden can be an unusual or more delicate version than what one can find in the markets, even in our wonderful local farm markets. We all need those markets though, so please keep them in business! No matter how much you grow in your own garden there are always more vegetables needed that the professionals provide well and in abundance. But have some fun exploring your own green vegetable thumbs this year. You’ll never have more time or a better time to try it!